Here's why TEX likes Bob Dylan:

"He don't write no dumb songs."

"Bob is like a great cook who makes delicacies with simple and wholesome ingredients."

"His harmonies are simple: often just 3 to 5 chords. His melodies usually stay close to the basic key of the song (diatonic) and often use just five different notes (pentatonic). They come right out of the American blues and folk tradition. His lyrics contain no fancy words, and some of his sentences wouldn't pass muster in a six grade grammar course. And he doesn't write about fancy stuff just the stuff we each deal with everyday: Loving, Dying, Sinning, Crying, and Leaving: Regret, Hope, Cruelty, Ambition, and Greed: War, Peace, and Salvation."

"Bob takes all this stuff and assembles each song into a unique creation. Using form, texture, and phrasing each one is distinct and in its own raw way, perfect. Every word is placed with great care: in just the right spot, in just the right order, nothing lacking, nothing extra."

"He is a great cook, cookin' great meals (songs) that really satisfy. You're always ready for some great home cookin', aren't ya? Well, I am always ready for a Dylan song."

"Bob is a great musician: His time is rockin'. His feel is superb. His understanding of the blues is deep and wide."

"Bob is a great singer - I know, I know, I know. Some people listen to Bob and say, 'that dude can't sing'. They just haven't listened. You gotta check it all out."