Heard Bob in Tulsa in October

I haven't been very good at blogging, but in case anyone might be interested let me tell you a bit about our trip in October (22nd I think) to Tulsa to here Bob. Dylan toured through September, October all the way up to Thanksgiving. Beginning in the Northwest (Seattle), swinging through California, Arizona, Nevada (yup, he played "Vegas"), Colorado, into my home state of Kansas, Tulsa, Springfield MO, headed north to Indiana, three dates in Chicago, on through Ohio, into Canada, Boston, Phili, NYC. What a grueling schedule for a 68 year old artist.

Beverly and I drove to Tulsa because that was as close as he was going to be. He performed in a vintage 2800 seat auditorium (good dry hall), the overall sound was loud but you could here Bob better than the summer shows. Long story short - great show. He played no guitar but mostly organ. Often took center stage and delivered his lyrics full force, posing at times, gesturing with his hands, throwing his head back, dancing around, smiling. He had Charlie Sexton back on guitar and the band sound was cleaner. There was even a trumpet solo by his pedal steel player (he probably could use a semester at UNT). The crowd was into it (Tulsa is a great music town).

Anyway we had a great time and took the scenic route (hiway 69) back to Texas on a gray but pleasant Sunday afternoon.